Jerusalem Car Rental

Jerusalem is a beautiful city which is the capital of Israel. Travelers can choose from several cars to rent on their trip as we have our tie ups with several car rental brands. There are also various pick up locations such as Palmachim Airbase, Ben Gurion International Airport, Ovda International Airport, Nevatim Airbase, and Kfar Sirkin Airfield and more. This city is also called as one amongst the old cities of Israel and offers numerous attractions to sooth your eyes. It is advisable to explore this downtown area once.

The Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial is the first attraction to see which is well spread over a 45-acre campus. Then you must visit the Old City of Jerusalem where the history comes alive and will be soothing your eyes for sure. It is better to have great view of the Israel Museum and the famous Hezekiah's Tunnels. Travelers are advised to hire a car at this downtown to have great view of the other important landmarks. It is also good to drive to the Western Wall which is also termed as the Wailing Wall, Tower of David Museum and Jewish Quarter.

Sightseeing in Jerusalem can be made easy with a low priced car rental deal.

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